Rockwall Oral Surgery

The Replacement

Missing a tooth? We have good news: It can be replaced! Any missing tooth is eligible for replacement with a dental implant. It doesn’t matter if the tooth is in the front or back of the mouth or if you’re missing multiple teeth in a row or all of the teeth in an entire arc on the top or bottom – you still can get a new and beautiful smile with dental implants. Dr. Pollock offers patients a wide array of dental implant options in Rockwall, Texas. 

Why Consider a Dental Implant? 

If you’re missing even one tooth, you should think about replacing it with a dental implant. Missing teeth can cause adjacent teeth to shift and slide, which can leave you with bite and jaw problems down the road. Missing even just one tooth can also affect how you speak, chew and bite, as well as your physical appearance. 

Missing a tooth or multiple teeth can also negatively affect how you feel about your smile and appearance in general. Many people who are missing teeth shy away from conversations, refuse to smile in photos, or cover their mouth when they talk. 

But, Are Implants Right for You? 

In most cases, yes! If you’re not feeling confident about your smile and are worried about how missing a tooth or multiple teeth is affecting your health, dental implants are an excellent option for replacement. The benefits of dental implants include: 

  • Improved appearance. Dental implants look, function and feel like your natural teeth. 
  • Increased comfort. Dental implants are a very comfortable replacement option because they are a permanent tooth, unlike removable dentures. 
  • Easier eating. As dental implants function and feel like natural teeth, eating is more comfortable than with dentures or empty spaces. 
  • Better self-esteem. Dental implants can make you feel confident once again knowing you have a beautiful and healthy smile. 

Just a Note

The ideal dental implant candidate will be in good oral and overall health. If you have a medical condition, let your dentist know when talking about your tooth-replacement options. 

If you smoke, you will need to quit for several weeks before and after the procedure to reduce the risk of complications. 

To be a good candidate for a dental implant, it is also essential that your gums are healthy to prevent complications. You must also have adequate bone tissue so the implant can be successfully placed. 

Do you want to find out if you’re a good candidate for a dental implant? Just call Dr. Kevin Pollock today at (469)264-8921 to talk!