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If you ask someone what they know about having their wisdom teeth removed, you will probably hear one word: pain. That is the extent of what people know about this procedure and it is not really that accurate.

With the right care before, during and after the procedure pain is not an issue. This is what people need to know about the before the extraction of wisdom teeth.

When is it Necessary?
The first question people ask is if they need to have their wisdom teeth removed. They wonder what would happen if they don’t have the procedure dome. It is true that some people may not need to have their wisdom teeth pulled. There are also reasons that it becomes necessary.

• Not enough space – The most common problem people have is that there is not enough space in their mouth for the wisdom teeth to grow. Wisdom teeth are called the third molars and it is possible that the jaw does not have the space. This could be due to heredity or it could be due to a diet that lacked the nutrients needed to help the jaw grow.
• Impaction – If the wisdom teeth cannot erupt or only partially erupt through the skin, extraction is often needed. The only way to resolve the issue is to remove the teeth that are stuck underneath the skin.

How to Know When It is Time for Extraction

It is possible to check your jaw to see if there is room for the wisdom teeth. Use a finger to feel the space behind the first or second molar in your mouth. If you feel soft tissue, this is the possible space for the wisdom teeth to grow.

If a tooth is not able to erupt through the skin tissue, you will notice different symptoms. The most common symptoms including swelling, redness and bleeding. Most people also experience pain resulting from an impacted tooth. If you experience these symptoms, it is time to see our dentists.

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