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Tooth Loss? Rockwall Oral Surgery has Options for You!

When you lose your teeth, it can feel overwhelming. There are many options for deciding which restoration procedure is correct for you. Here at Rockwall Oral Surgery, we have dental implants and dentures. While dentures may be just right for some of our patients, we believe our dental implants are an excellent solution for some tooth replacement cases! Due to their benefits, dental implants are the next best thing we have happened upon for natural teeth. When thinking about a dental implant vs. dentures, there is a lot to consider, and we can help you through it with these tips. 

Are They a Permanent Solution? 

As most patients know, dentures are removable, so they are not a permanent solution. However, dentures are a long-term solution. They require maintenance that may need repair or replacement over time. 

Implants are crowns built into titanium posts that are adhered to your jawbone. Implants are known to be a permanent solution for missing teeth. 

When you decide to have a dental implant procedure, you will need to take the time to heal. After the surgery, the jawbone needs to take hold of the post, and the following procedure is to add the crown to complete the process. This overall process does take several months. Other than regular dental care, your dental implants will not require further care. Just keep your mouth clean! 

As for dentures, you come into the office, and we have you fitted, and once they are completed, you will receive your dentures in about three to six weeks. Dentures require maintenance of their own, besides regular dental care. They need to be cleaned and removable, which means they may break over time. Something to consider when pricing out each procedure. 


Pros and Cons For A Dental Implant vs Dentures 


Dentures: Even though recent research has led to more comfortable options for dentures, they still fall short of dental implants. 

Implants: Implant-supported restorations are usually made for porcelain or zirconia. Both materials mimic the texture and light-reflecting properties of natural enamel. 


Implants: feel just like your regular teeth. Osseointegration allows the implant and bone to form a relationship with a natural tooth. 

Dentures: allow you to eat. You will know they are there. It may be uncomfortable at times and slip out of place from time to time. 


Implants: Once it becomes a part of your jaw, it does not rely on your gum tissue for support. 

Dentures: can have irritation or infection because they rest on your gum tissues. Even though dentures are usually custom-fitted, they are not very comfortable. 


Implants: Provide physical stimulation to the jawbone and prevent future bone deterioration. Implants also do not affect surrounding teeth, as partial dentures may. 

Dentures: These are recommended for patients with insufficient bone in their jaw. Dentures do not require additional procedures.  


Implants:  can last for decades or even a lifetime if taken care of properly! 

Dentures:  can be less expensive when compared to implants and can last a long time when cared for properly. 

We Can Help with Dentures And Implants 

If you are losing teeth and need to decide between dentures or implants, we hope this has helped! Call us today at (469)757-4433 to schedule your examination with Rockwall Oral Surgery. After a visit with us, we know you will be on the road to recovery!