Rockwall Oral Surgery


Having any kind of surgery is a traumatic experience for your mouth. If you read the instructions we gave you to prepare for surgery, you will know to anticipate pain immediately following the procedure and for a couple of days after that.

The pain will depend on the condition of your tooth prior to the removal and the surgery’s degree of difficulty. For example, if the tooth broke under the gum line, our surgeon will need to manipulate the area more than if the tooth comes out easily. This will cause you more pain following the extraction.

What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

The first 24-hours following a tooth extraction are the most painful. This is the time when the socket will begin to heal and the blood clot that will eventually close the incision site forms. It is normal and expected to feel pain at the incision site. We will give you enough painkillers to let you manage the pain during the first few days.

Jaw pain from having your mouth open for an extended period is also expected. Having a tired feeling and swelling of the jaw is normal. This feeling should go away within days.

When to Call our Office

Our surgeon or someone on our staff will call to check and see how you are doing following the surgery. If the pain doesn’t diminish after the first 48-hours or increases, give us a call. Even when in doubt, it is best to call or come into the office for a follow-up.

Every patient is different and feels pain in different ways, but it’s important to make sure the dry socket has not been dislodged. If you have a fever, it could be a sign an infection has developed and we need to treat you. We will usually send you home with a prescription for antibiotics as a preventive measure.