Rockwall Oral Surgery


Most young adults and teenagers need to have their wisdom teeth surgically removed, but there are other less known reasons for oral surgery you must be aware of.

Other reasons for oral surgery include sleeping problems, Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD, dental implants, and tooth decay.

Our oral surgeons are experts in injuries to the jaw, face, head, and neck and can treat problems of the oral tissues. When you are referred to our office for any procedure we will do a consultation and explain the reasons why surgery is needed.

Why Do I Need Oral Surgery?

Many people panic and fear the worse when they hear the words, oral surgery. When you come to see us for your dental problems it simply means that you need an expert to take care of you. Oral surgery can range from very simple to complex depending on your case.

Some uncommon reasons for oral surgery are:

• Cleft palate or cleft lip,
• Obstructive sleep apnea,
• Jaw surgery to treat Temporomandibular Joint Disease or TMD,
• Reconstructive facial surgery following trauma to the face,
• Dental implants,
• Jaw misalignment.

A tooth extraction is the most common reason why a patient needs oral surgery. There is always a risk with any surgery and especially when general anesthesia is used. Most of the time, oral surgery can be done with a local anesthetic and while complications from anesthesia are rare, they do happen. We gather as much information as possible from you, pre-surgery, to avoid any such instances.

Our surgeon schedules a consultation to explain how the procedure will be performed and what you can expect following the surgery. This is the best time to ask any questions about your diagnosis and how to prepare for the procedure. We will give you specific instructions on what to do before and after the surgery.