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Understanding Apicoectomy

A root canal procedure is a great way to save a tooth from internal damage, decay, or infection. If a root canal isn’t enough to save your tooth, you may want to consider an apicoectomy before extraction. Apicoectomies are endodontic surgical operations used to repair or remove infected or damaged tissue from a tooth.

What Is an Apicoectomy and How Does It Work? 

An apicoectomy is a procedure in which an oral surgeon opens the gum tissue adjacent to the tooth to examine the bone more closely. TThe surgeon will then remove any unhealthy or inflamed tissue and the root. Lastly, the surgeon may implant a filler in the root to hide the canal’s end and stitches to help the tissue heal. The bone close to the root will recover over the following months.

What Are the Benefits of an Apicoectomy? 

Oral surgeons may recommend apicoectomies for various reasons: a root canal failure is a typical reason for the operation. Problems near the root’s tip can also cause the majority of failed root canal surgeries. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons for an apicoectomy: 

  • A fracture in the root of a tooth that surgeons cannot heal nonsurgically. 
  • Tooth calcification inhibiting non-surgical devices from reaching the tooth’s root during a root canal operation. 
  • Infection, inflammation, or significant discomfort after a root canal procedure, indicating failed treatment.

Is the Procedure Painful?

While local anesthetics will keep you comfortable during the treatment, one can expect slight swelling or discomfort due to the healing process. This discomfort is common with all types of surgeries. In addition to providing post-operative instructions, your oral surgeon may provide additional pain medication. Most patients resume their normal daily activities the day after their apicoectomy. One should discuss the specifics of your projected recovery time with your oral surgeon. 

Are There Any Apicoectomy Alternatives? 

The only option to apicoectomy surgery is often tooth extraction, which must be followed by placement of an implant, denture, or bridge to preserve your teeth’ functionality and overall oral health.

Questions About Dental Implants?

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