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Technology continues to change the way we approach dentistry. We are constantly looking for ways to help restore oral health in the less invasive, least painful and best way. The goal is to get the best possible results for the patient.

Piezosurgery is a new technology that is helping accomplish that goal. For most people, it is something they have never heard of before.

A Problem in Dentistry

One of the problems that we face is dealing with the different types of tissue in the mouth. There is a combination of soft tissue and bone. All these things need to work together and remain healthy if a person wants to keep their good smile. There are plenty of procedures that can help fix the different problems that people face. Piezosurgery is one of the procedures.

Piezosurgery involves the use of electricity to help cut the hard bone tissue in the mouth without cutting the softer tissue. By adjusting ultrasonic frequency of the device. It is possible to cut the hard bone tissue without touching the surrounding soft tissue. It allows for more accurate and more intricate work.

Where is it Used?

There are plenty of ways to use piezosurgery. In many cases it cuts down the recovery time and provides a better outcome. Some of the procedures that can use it include:

• Tooth extractions
• Bone graft surgery
• Implant surgery
• Sinus lifts
• Restoration surgery

Because this type of surgery is new, the full extent of how to use it is not known. Because of the ability to work more precisely, it is likely that this type of surgery will become more prevalent in the future.

There is less damage to the surrounding areas of the surgery and that can shorten recovery time. It can also reduce any complications and can reduce some of the symptoms people suffer after certain procedures.

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