Rockwall Oral Surgery


Oral surgery is not the most exciting procedure to go through. However, you don’t want to worry about the long recovery if you don’t have to.

There are ways that a patient can speed up the process. You don’t have to worry about extending the time to heal when you can naturally heal and reduce the amount of time that you originally thought you needed to heal.

Tips to Speed Up Oral Surgery Recovery Time
The first being, listen and follow the directions that are given to you by our professionals. This is important because they let the patient know what should and should not be done during the healing period. The other recommended tips to help speed up oral surgery recovery time include:

• Take all prescribed medications, including antibiotics to keep infections away and pain relievers to keep the mouth as comfortable as possible.
• Try to relax your jaw and reduce the amount of talking you do.
• Keeping your mouth clean, but not spitting or scrubbing the area that was worked on.
• Eat soft foods and liquids as tolerated or allowed.
• Use ice on the outside of the mouth to reduce the amount of swelling.
• Eat vitamin rich foods and keep up on nutrition to help the body heal.
• Spend the next day or so resting and not doing any strenuous activities.
• Stay hydrated, even if you are unable to eat anything substantial.
• Avoid using any alcohol or tobacco products.

Keeping up on hygiene and following all instructions are a must during this time. It is crucial that you care for the area to reduce the chances of infection or other problems.

For further information about oral surgery and recovery times, speak with our dental professionals. We can provide more information on the surgery, recovery time, and specific instructions that would be given depending on the surgery and the patient. Call us today to find out how we can help.