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When people talk about mouthguards, they think of the things that professional football players or other athletes wear to protect their teeth when they participate in violent sports.

They may not realize that there are plenty of reasons that even people who are not athletes can benefit from using a mouth guard. There are many ways that a mouthguard can protect the teeth from the possibility of damage of everyday life.

Protection from Trauma

The most obvious form of protection from a mouthguard comes in the form of limiting the damage from trauma. Blows to the face or the teeth can easily create an injury. While a mouthguard will not prevent all the injuries, it can help prevent some. That is why all athletes should consider wearing a mouthguard no matter what sport they participate in.

Bruxism and Sleep Apnea

Bruxism and sleep apnea are two other conditions that mouthguards can help with. People that grind their teeth can cause damage to their teeth, jaw and gums. The grinding often happens without a person realizing they are doing it. Some people also clench their teeth so hard they cause damage.

A mouthguard protects the teeth when they are grinding, and it helps prevent the damage when a person clenches their teeth too hard. Mouthguards are typically worn while a person sleeps if they suffer from nighttime bruxism, but it is also possible to wear them during the day to help a person learn how not to grind or clench their teeth.

Sleep apnea is a condition where the airway becomes blocked while a person sleeps. Mouthguards can help adjust the position of the jaw to help keep the airway open. They can also help prevent the tongue from blocking the airway.

Mouthguards may not always seem like they are convenient to use. They do require some thought and effort to use them, but that is relatively minor when you think about what can happen to your teeth if you don’t wear them.

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