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What is Emotional Dentistry?

New studies are showing the correlation between emotions and the field of dentistry. Many individuals seek dental treatments or procedures for emotional reasons, including improving their appearance and increasing their confidence. Emotional dentistry is the art and ability of a dentist to connect with patients and the reasons they are seeking dental treatment.

A dentist who can connect with patients’ emotions regarding dental treatments and their desired dental goals can better treat patients.

Reasons for Emotional Dentistry

Emotional dentistry came about due to the impact of the emotional effect that teeth and smiles have on self-esteem and confidence. For many of us, the appearance of our teeth and smiles is directly tied to our self-concept and identity. 

Some have attempted to call the practice of dental treatments to improve a person’s appearance as cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. Still, this cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry title does not hold the patient-dentist connection that emotional dentistry does.

This approach to dentistry emphasizes the intrinsic motivations for external adjustments to a person’s teeth and jaw. Dentists, like Dr. Pollock, who practice emotional intelligence with dentistry, actively listen to understand the patient’s why for seeking treatment.

Moreover, going to the dentist can be a challenging experience for individuals with dental fears or phobias. A dentist that listens and addresses concerns and reasons for seeking specific dental procedures allows a patient to feel at ease before, during, and after a dental visit.


Some of the specific dental treatments or procedures individuals utilize to accomplish their dental goals are:

These dental treatment options are available in our office in Rockwall, Texas. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding any of these procedures. Our office can discuss options and how these dental treatments can assist individuals in gaining the self-identity and confidence they have been seeking.

Emotional Dentistry With Dr. Pollock

Ready to achieve your dental goals? Whether improving your smile or correcting a misaligned bite, or missing teeth, Rockwall Oral Surgery is here to listen and assist our patients in gaining the smile of their dreams.

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