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What is Oral Pathology?

Have you noticed something abnormal in your mouth and suspect symptoms of oral cancer? Your mouth is made up of delicate tissues. And when these tissues are healthy, they are a soft, smooth, pink color. If you notice changes, you should contact Rockwall Oral Surgery right away. Our experts in oral pathology procedures can diagnose your abnormality and help provide you with the ideal treatment plan. 

Oral Pathology Procedures with Rockwall Oral Surgery 

Oral pathology is a dental specialty that finds disease in and around your mouth but can also treat it without any resulting damage. We look for lumps and bumps and off colors, any strange substances growing on or near the throat, tongue, and teeth. These can all be effects of disease or, worst-case scenario, oral cancer. Please be aware of these symptoms and reach out to us if anything should occur so we can discuss a health care plan to take care of your mouth. 

Learning the Visible Warning Signs  

We have particular expertise in this area when it comes to oral pathology. Most dentists should know how to identify it. Surgeons know just a bit more, as we have to undertake the responsibility of removing whatever problem the patient is living with. Here at Rockwall Oral Surgery, we understand how terrifying it can be to find out you have a problem in your mouth. However, we have the knowledge to identify, but we can also take steps to repair the problem. 

Symptoms to be aware of : 

  • Patches: Red or white patches in the mouth, especially those that develop over time, can be very telling and lead us to find a proper diagnosis.
  • Sores: We also look for sores. The ones that have been there for a long time hurt to the touch. 
  • Lumps: Finding a lump in your mouth can also mean trouble like anywhere else in the body. It can also be the case if you notice a thickening in the skin or tissues in your mouth. 
  • Pain: If you have long-lasting pain symptoms, such as a chronic throat ache or difficulty when it comes to chewing or swallowing your food, your nerves may be worn and sensitive from an attacker.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, we highly recommend you reach out to us at Rockwall Oral Surgery to schedule a consultation so we can take a look at what is going on. You do not want to wait because oral cancer or pathological issues are not something to put on hold.

Put your Health First Call Us Today 

Rockwall Oral Surgery is dedicated to helping you find a solution to your oral health. It is crucial to understand that you should schedule a consultation sooner rather than later when you notice abnormalities in your mouth to ensure you keep up with your oral health. Signs of oral cancer and pathological issues are not something to wait to be seen about. You can call us at (469) 264-8921 or contact us online for your appointment.