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A dentist is explaining oral surgery.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery consists of procedures done to the mouth, teeth, or jaw that requires surgical treatment. Dental specialists will perform these surgical procedures. Some common dental surgical procedures include:

Dental surgical procedures assist individuals in regaining full function of their mouth, face, and jaws. Some dental issues are due to physical trauma, where other problems are due to genetics or even tumors. A dentist will refer a patient that needs treatment for a complex issue to a dental surgeon. A typical dental office cannot provide treatment for complex dental problems.

As with a family physician, they might refer a patient to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. This same concept occurs within dentistry. So, if a dentist refers a patient to a dental specialist, ensuring proper care and dental treatment happens.

When to Have Oral Surgery

When dental or jaw pain prevents a person from living life or when oral pain prevents a person from using the full functionality of their teeth and jaw, it might be time to see a dental surgeon. Dental surgeons complete four to six extra years of schooling to treat the soft and hard tissues of the face, mouth, and jaws.

If a person is being diagnosed with gum disease, they might need a gum graft. A periodontist would perform the procedure. In addition, the periodontist would provide all necessary pre-op and post-op instructions. However, if an individual suffers from tooth rot or tooth damage, they will see a dental surgeon for a pre-surgery consultation, schedule the procedure, and finally attend the surgery. 

Oral surgery, as with other surgeries, requires close observation of post-surgery instructions. A dental specialist will provide a patient with instructions before the surgery, such as what a person can eat or drink. Additionally, individuals should follow all aftercare directions closely. Aftercare instructions might include plans for pain treatment, side effects to watch for, and the follow-up appointment. Without proper aftercare, recovery could be slower, or infections could occur.

Oral Surgery With Dr. Pollock

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