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What to Do When You Suspect You Grind Your Teeth in Your Sleep

According to studies, about 10% of adults suffer from habitual teeth grinding during sleep or what is medically known as bruxism. In the United States alone, almost 40 million people suffer from this condition.

Unfortunately, since teeth grinding is an unconscious habit while one is asleep, it is often difficult for the person to know if he or she is doing it unless a sleeping companion brings it to his or her attention. If you feel pain and tightening of your jaw muscles, facial pain, and headache when you wake up, it is best that you see us immediately for a consultation.

Practical Tips to Help You Prevent Teeth Grinding

You can prevent or stop your teeth grinding habit by carrying out simple changes in your lifestyle. For one, you can practice different relaxation techniques or engage in physical activities and hobbies that can help you relax since one of the possible causes of teeth grinding is stress.

You should also stop or at least try to limit your smoking as well as your caffeine and alcohol intake since there are studies that show how these habits make people more vulnerable to teeth grinding. Avoid any activity that can overexert your jaws also such as chewing gum. Try to observe if you have the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth when you are awake as well. If you notice that there are times you do this, control yourself by relaxing your jaw muscles or putting your tongue in between your teeth.

You can also wear, bite or night guards to protect your teeth and your temporomandibular joint at the same time. This is often the recommended form of treatment for bruxism.

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