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What To Expect During a Dental Exam

A twice-yearly dental exam is critical for oral health. During this exam, a dentist will inspect an individual’s teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy and, if there are areas of concern, discuss possible treatment options.

Exams will:

  • Evaluate the oral health of a patient
  • Evaluate the risk of tooth decay or other dental diseases
  • Determine eligibility for bone grafts or dental implants
  • Evaluate a patient’s jaw structure and bite

As dental check-ups are a regular occurrence in many of our lives, let’s go further into what to expect during a dental examination.

What Occurs During a Dental Exam

The dentist will thoroughly examine a person’s teeth, bite, and gums for any issues during the exam. Cavities and periodontitis are dental health concerns the dentist will look for during the examination.

The exams at Rockwall Oral Surgery will focus on identifying abnormalities that are causing pain or cosmetic concerns for our patients.

Inspecting the gums, teeth, neck, mouth, and face will provide a more accurate assessment of the issue or dental health concern the individual is experiencing. Moreover, if periodontitis is suspected, a biopsy will be required. Other diagnosing tools are x-rays and other detailed scans such as CBCT scans.

A CBCT scan is also known as a 3D cone beam computed tomography machine. A cone beam computed technology machine is also used when a patient is undergoing an implant procedure. The cone beam computed technology machine will allow dentists to view and evaluate the underlying bone structure, soft tissues, and nerve pathways. This scan typically lasts no longer than 20-40 seconds and is performed while the patient is sitting. The 3D cone beam computed technology machine enables dentists to accurately diagnose bone, soft tissue, nerve, or gum issues that are not readily seen during a physical examination or in x-ray images.

X-ray images have been a staple of dental examinations for years. X-rays are a tool that dentists will use to determine if there are cavities or other teeth concerns that cannot be seen during a physical examination.

Dental Exams at Rockwall Oral Surgery

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