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A tissue graft recovery is something that you may hear about if you are having a specific dental procedure done in our office. Knowing what to expect during this procedure can put your mind at ease, while also ensuring that you have the best possible recovery in the end.

The Tissue Recovery Graft Procedure

The procedure is one that is not intensive and there are minimal complications involved. This makes it an ideal choice and treatment plan to go with for a number of reasons. There are different types of gum grafts that can be performed and what to expect during and after the procedure may vary.

The procedure will not take too long, and you will be numb for it. The numbness will wear off hours after the procedure and mild painkillers are given to control the discomfort for a day or so once the procedure is done. Cool packs, ice and ice cream can reduce swelling and minimize any discomfort felt in the roof of the mouth.

We recommend that you follow all of the aftercare instructions that we provide to get the best possible recovery. Do not eat anything hard or sharp. Only softer foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, and ice cream is recommended. The area where the graft was placed should not be brushed hard with your brush, as this can irritate the area and cause it to not heal as fast as we’d like.

Give our office a call to find out how we are able to provide you with the help that is needed regarding the dental work you’d like to have done. We can recommend the best course of action and treatment plan, so you can smile with ease and confidence. Trust us to provide the best dental care possible in the area. Call today!