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What You Can Do To Make Your Surgery More Successful

When you’re in surgery all of the work lies in the very capable hands of your oral surgeon. You put all of your trust in an expert to remedy whatever ailment you’re faced with and relinquish all agency in the matter. But if you’d like to have the best results possible, there are actually a few things you can do to set your oral surgeon up for success before the procedure begins.

5 Helpful Things To Do Before Surgery

  • No eating or drinking – Abstain from eating or drinking anything including water for at least 8 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  • List of medications – Provide a comprehensive list of any and all medications you are on, prescribed or otherwise. Include vitamins and herbal supplements as well as any of these things may affect your procedure. In situations where medication needs to be taken prior to surgery, a sip of water to swallow your pills may be allowed.
  • No smoking – Refrain from smoking for a recommended period of time prior to and after your procedure. Smoking affects your blood flow and restricts oxygen in the blood. This can lead to hindering your body’s ability to heal and can complicate your risk of infection as well.
  • Get comfortable – Wearing comfortable clothing and avoiding excessive jewelry helps both you and your surgical team pre and post surgery. It’s also necessary in most cases to bring someone with you to drive you home as moderate to deep sedation impair your ability to drive.
  • Be honest about your wellness – Let your team know if you begin feeling under the weather at all leading up to the day of your surgery as well. A compromised immune system can affect your ability to receive surgery.

Depending on the kind of procedure you’re scheduled for, there may be additional recommendations provided to you by your oral surgeon prior to the day. Make sure to follow them as closely as possible and communicate with your doctor if any things are missed from that list.

Interested in What You Can Do to Prepare for Your Next Surgery?

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