Rockwall Oral Surgery


When you have any of the teeth in your mouth impacted, then you would not trust just anyone to remove them from your mouth. This is because much more needs to be done than just pulling the tooth out and letting the patient go on their way.

The tooth has to be exposed, which means that a cut, or series of cuts, will have to be made, before the tooth is able to be taken out of the mouth.

Oral Surgeons are Experienced with Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth become a problem when they are not cared for or taken out. This is because the mouth can collect a lot of bacteria and cause a lot of problems in the mouth when the time comes.

When this happens, the person may get an infection in the mouth that has to be taken care of. The infection will continue to come back until the impacted tooth is removed from the mouth.

Our oral surgeons have the knowledge and experience with impacted teeth and can ensure that they are removed in a timely manner so that infection does not occur.

The person should speak with them regarding the tooth and any problems they are having so that they can remove the tooth and clean it out to ensure that the person can move forward in life once again.

Speak with our office to find out more information regarding the help that we can provide. You can have a better smile when you work with an oral surgeon that can provide you with a list of options to get your smile well on its way. Give us a call today and we can set something up for you to have your impacted tooth taken care of.