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When having oral surgery, you may be surprised to find that your surgeon recommends that you rinse your mouth with salt water after for proper healing. Wouldn’t salt water hurt the surgical area?

Salt water actually has natural healing properties and is beneficial after oral surgery is completed. Following simple directions to create your own rinse can help you to heal better, avoiding any infection or complications after surgery.

Salt Water Rinsing

To make a salt water rinse, all you need is salt water and warm water. Add ½ teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water. Take small sips and swish the solution around your mouth for ten seconds and then spit it out. Do this gently and at least two times a day after your surgery, up to three or four times as needed. This will help promote quicker healing for your surgical area.

Natural Healing Properties
Salt has natural healing properties and can assist with the healing of your mouth where the tooth or teeth were extracted. Blood flow is increased via the salt water rinse which helps the mouth to heal at a faster rate.

If any bacteria are present in your mouth, the salt will make it difficult for spores to breed. Bacteria levels are kept at a low rate which helps you to avoid becoming sick after surgery.

Salt rinse is also cost effective as you already have salt and water at home. You can easily mix up a solution and rinse your mouth whenever you feel it needs cleaning. Be sure to swish gently, especially if your mouth is extra sore or tender from the surgery.

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