Rockwall Oral Surgery

Why Choose a Board-Certified and Accredited Facility for Oral Surgery?

Do you know someone who requires oral surgery? And I’m at a loss on where to begin. Make that they select a facility that is both board-certified and accredited. But what exactly do these titles imply? We’ve decided to deconstruct it.

What exactly does “board-certified” mean? A doctor’s extraordinary expertise in a particular field and subspecialty of medical practice is demonstrated by board certification. The basic competency standards for diagnosing and treating patients are established by obtaining a medical or dental license, not specialty-specific.

When you ask your doctor to be board-certified, you’re asking for a doctor who will pay attention to detail and provide the highest expertise available in that profession.

What does a facility’s accreditation imply? The accreditation certificate from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care indicates that a health care institution meets or exceeds nationally accepted standards. The goal of accreditation is to improve surgical care’s safety and quality.

Accreditation is a mainly voluntary process that allows an ambulatory health care and dentistry institution to compare its offerings and performance to nationally recognized criteria. The accreditation procedure includes a self-assessment by the organization and a complete on-site evaluation by volunteer expert surveyors from the Accreditation Association.

When a person hears the term “surgery,” many frightening images flash through their minds. When customers see the accreditation logo on a facility, it might help them relax because it signifies they will receive the best quality and safety. It means that all of the equipment is suitable for the procedure to be conducted. It means that the individual with surgery will be accompanied by qualified, trained, and experienced personnel throughout their recovery. They will have a clean and well-equipped operating room. Dr. Pollock is certified by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Most crucial, in an emergency, the patient will have access to sufficient personnel and equipment to deal with the issue. The doctor and surgical assistants at Rockwall Oral Surgery are trained and certified in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, a significant component of our hiring process. Dr. Pollock goes above and beyond by ensuring that his team is qualified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Our first concern is the safety of our patients and the level of care we deliver. We can ease our patients’ anxieties by focusing on this.