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Why Ice May be The Enemy of Your Enamel

Have you ever caught yourself mindlessly chewing on the ice at the bottom of your glass? Those chewable chips that cool off your drink may not be as harmless as you think. In fact, chewing ice can cause dental damage! Read on below to learn why you may want to avoid chewing down on that tempting ice.

Why Do Some Chew Ice More Than Others?

There may be a medical explanation for why some people can’t seem to stop this unfortunate compulsive chewing. Enter Pica, which is the medical term for craving or chewing non-nutritional items such as ice, for example. Those who have this symptom of Pica may be suffering from an iron deficiency in the body. 

Ice’s Effect On Teeth

Nobody wants cracked or chipped teeth, but that may be precisely what they get when chowing down on cubed ice. Not only can it cause visible damage, but it can also damage the enamel, which may make your teeth more sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Even though tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, it can still be damaged. Tooth enamel is the most substantial protection for your teeth, and if damaged from chewing on too much ice, it can lead to tooth decay and acid attacks. We won’t even get into how this habit can damage already existing dental work, too. If you’re looking for a way to kick this habit to the curb, we’ve got just the tips to help!

Here’s How To Stop The Habit

As we mentioned earlier, some individuals who chew ice have reasons that their body craves it. We advise getting a check-up with your doctor to see if there’s any medical reason for this ice chewing addiction. If not, there are plenty of different ways that you can kick this bad habit.

  1. Opt for popsicles as your cold treat instead
  2. Let the cube melt in your mouth, instead of chewing it
  3. Switch to smoothies or slushies that will have finer ice shavings
  4. Try other crunchy foods like carrots in place of ice
  5. Avoid drinks with ice in them if possible

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