Rockwall Oral Surgery


There are numerous benefits to both denture and implants, just like there are downfalls. This is important to think about when you have a choice between dentures or implants. Our office provides you with the information you need, answers any questions you might have, and ensures that you get the best possible outcome when choosing which ones work the best for you and your smile.

Why Some Choose Dentures

When it comes to choosing dentures over implants, many choose this route because the process easier. You just need to have oral surgery to remove the teeth from the mouth that are beyond repair. This is done and it heals easily. Once healed, you’re given a set of brand-new teeth that you can easily slip in your mouth. They look just like your natural teeth and you can get back to doing things you once did.

With implants, the mouth has to heal once the teeth are removed and then new surgery is performed. This surgery puts the base of the implant into the gum. This then needs to heal before the new teeth are placed in the mouth. It is a much longer process, one that is usually not covered by insurance, and one that can become quite expensive depending on the number of implants required.

The choice is ultimately the patients on what they feel the most comfortable doing, but we do our best to provide the best solution to the needs that you need to meet. We understand that this is one of the most important decisions to make, so we take the time to explain it all to you.

Call our office today if you are thinking about having dentures or implants put in. We will schedule a time to have you come into the office, and discuss which would be the better solution to your specific needs.