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Wisdom Teeth Removal for Teens

Has the time come for your child to go through wisdom teeth removal? Rockwall Oral Surgery is here to walk them through the process and help them understand that there comes a time when most people have to undergo wisdom teeth removal to avoid the impaction of their teeth. Removing wisdom teeth does not have to be scary if you listen to the process and trust that we have everything under control. You can be in danger if you leave the teeth in and risk your teeth impacting your gums. 

Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation to start the process and help you remove your wisdom teeth sooner than later. We do not want you to be living in pain anymore! 

When Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Usually Happen? 

The following signs will occur, and you will know it is time for your teen to have their wisdom teeth removed so they do not cause serious problems. The wisdom teeth may have partially erupted, which means they have partially surfaced, meaning they do not have enough room in the mouth. However, everyone experiences different symptoms at different times, which is why wisdom teeth removal happens at different ages. Some signs that it is time to remove wisdom teeth are: 

  • Pain
  • Infection in the mouth
  • Facial swelling
  • Swelling of the gumline in the back of the mouth

Wholly impacted teeth may not have come through the gum and may never erupt into the mouth properly. If your wisdom teeth are not causing problems, we will not move forward with removal until it is necessary. However, if the teeth are causing problems, or we notice the leading up to a problem, we recommend removing them as soon as possible to avoid any future pain. 

Some Problems Associated With Molars 

  • Bacteria and plaque buildup
  • Cyst development (a fluid-filled sac)
  • Tumor development
  • Infection
  • Jaw and gum disease
  • Decay or root resorption of the adjacent tooth

How It Works 

Wisdom teeth removal usually starts with an incision through the gum tissue that presides over the tooth, gently detaching the tissue between the tooth and the bone. Then remove the tooth and sew the opening gum. 

Most wisdom teeth removals can be done in the office with general sedation methods. Before starting your wisdom teeth removal, we will talk to you about the procedure to ensure you of any questions you may have and how everything works. Teens and parents should know the step-by-step process and what to do once their wisdom teeth are removed. 

Rockwall Oral Surgery Can Help Remove Your Pain! 

If you or your child is in pain due to wisdom teeth, our professionals are here to help. With our wisdom teeth removal process, you will be thankful you came to us. There is no reason to be living in pain due to impacted teeth. 

Taking care of your oral health is crucial and something you should always have as a priority. Let our team guide you through the wisdom teeth removal process and have a solution for you in no time! We want to help and can find the answers you have been looking for. Give us a call at (469) 264-8921 or reach out online today!