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Teeth In a Day Procedure Details for Patients with Dentures

Our Teeth In a Day procedure, also known as One Day Smile, can change a patient’s life in just one appointment! The Teeth In A Day procedure is attractive to patients who have dentures or need an entire upper or lower teeth restoration. In just one appointment, candidates who qualify for this procedure receive four implants and a complete set of new replacement teeth! Moreover, most of the time, no bone grafts are needed. 


Teeth In A Day Procedure Details For Patients with Dentures 

One way Teeth in a day can help patients is for those having a complete denture permanently retained on one or both arches. At Rockwell Oral Surgery, we aim to help a fixed denture feel and function like natural teeth by securing the prosthetic to the bone. 

When the patient decides that Teeth in a day is right for them, they will not experience dentures that shift, rock, or come loose because they will stay put in their mouth where they are supposed to be. Working with our team at Rockwall Oral Surgery, we can evaluate the oral cavity, review digital x-rays and help to develop a treatment plan specific to any dental needs. 

Are One Day Dental Implants Safe? 

Any treatment that involves a surgical procedure to implant something can be a severe undertaking. This particular type of dental implant requires the skill and knowledge of the surgeon. That being said, most surgeries come with risk; however, implants have a relatively low risk of complications. 

The healing period for one-day implants is the most important thing to consider. This is when the surgical site is vulnerable to infection. It is crucial to take time to heal and allow the mouth to rest before going back to eating everyday solid foods because that would make the whole procedure worthless if the whole process is rushed. Let the mouth heal and feel so much better afterward. We will provide recovery instructions to follow, and as long as followed, everything will time out just right.

Pros and Cons for Teeth in a Day 

A dental implant can be an invasive procedure that may cause discomfort during recovery. 


  • Immediate results
  • Less time spent at the dentist
  • Cheaper when compared to traditional implants


  • Higher opportunity for infection and implant failure

When considering Teeth in A Day, think about why this procedure can be beneficial and change overall health in the future. 

Rockwall Oral Surgery for Dental Procedures 

When dentures are giving patients trouble or have them in pain, see us at Rockwall Oral Surgery. We can evaluate the situation and see what steps we need to take to properly perform our Teeth in A Day procedure to fix their dentures. Contact us today by calling us at (469) 264-8921 or leaving us a message to set up an appointment. Why live in pain any longer? We can find a solution to the pain our patients are feeling.