Rockwall Oral Surgery


Are you having some problems and difficulties with your oral health? You may experience pain in your teeth, but you cannot see the source of pain. You might want to come down to the dental clinic, because that can be a pulp injury or a pulp infection.

What is the pulp? For the unfamiliar, the pulp of your teeth is found at the center of your tooth. This cannot be seen externally because this is in the root of your tooth. The pulp is not just like the enamel of your tooth, this consists of nerves, tissues and blood vessels. With that said, a pulp injury, or worse, a pulp infection, is a very painful dental problem for both children and adult.

What is a Pulpotomy?

In order to attend to this pulp injury or pulp infection, a tooth extraction is not necessary. Instead, a pulp therapy is needed. Puplotomy is a form of pulp therapy that treats, restores, and saves the affected tooth. As long as there are signs of decay and the pulp tip is the only affected area of the tooth, a pulpotomy can be administered.

Pulpotomy is the removal of the affected pulp that can result to a gap or drill in the tooth to reach the center of your tooth. The healthy areas of the affected tooth will be left untouched. After the removal of the affected pulp, the teeth will then be filled therapeutic material that will prevent any infection and will soothe the pulp root.

Before you undergo the dental procedure, we need to perform X rays and tests to locate the affected pulp.

When Do You Need to Visit the Dental Office?

Pulp injury and pulp infection are extremely painful. If you are experiencing constant pain without seeing any source of pain, it is time to visit the dental clinic. Other signs and indications also include tooth sensitivity, swelling around the affected tooth, and some mobility of the affected tooth.

Are you experiencing these kinds of signs and pain? Do not hesitate to pay us a visit today to prevent further tooth damage.