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getting wisdom teeth removed

What To Expect During Wisdom Teeth Removal

Has the time come in your life that you have to get your wisdom teeth removed? Getting wisdom teeth removed can be for a number of reasons, however, Rockwall Oral Surgery is here to help. If your teeth become impacted, a condition where your teeth can not fully erupt or at all through your gums. If you do find yourself with impacted wisdom teeth, you may have some serious issues as far as infections, overcrowding or damage to your other teeth. When your wisdom teeth are impacted, they should be removed right away. Reach out to us to schedule your consultation. 

Consult an OMS Expert When Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

OMS experts have the training, experience and the expertise to extract your wisdom teeth safely and reduce the risk of complications such as infections or other issues. We can also deal with more complex situations to provide the best possible results to restore your oral health. Getting wisdom teeth removed is something most people have to do at one time or another in their life. So, when your time comes, allowing us to extract your wisdom teeth can help alleviate pain while restoring your oral health and your quality of life. If you believe that removing your wisdom teeth will help you feel better, then removing the pain from your mouth should help you through the recovery. 

Recovery Time on Wisdom Teeth Removal

getting wisdom teeth removed

To fully recover from getting wisdom teeth removed it takes about two weeks. Every patient is different, and it may be longer or shorter depending on the healing process. Following surgery, it is common to have some pain and swelling so do not be alarmed if this happens to you. Some patients also experience bruising. The first few days after surgery are crucial for you to take it easy and rest so you can heal properly. 

Maintaining a soft foods diet and following your postsurgical care instructions is most important. 

About a week after surgery, you should notice that the swelling will go down, as well as the stiffness of your jaw. You may still have some pain but it should not be as bad as the beginning. As the days go by, the pain should become less and less as long as you follow our instructions and eat the softest foods you can find. We here at Rockwall Oral Surgery are here to help ensure you get the best care we can provide. 

Need Wisdom Teeth Removed? Call Rockwall Oral Surgery 

We are here to ensure you are provided with the best care when it comes to your oral health. Having your wisdom teeth removed can be a scary thought, however, we can walk you through the process and explain to you that it is not so scary at all! Most people have to go through it at some point in time, so might as well get it over with, right? Call us today at (469)757-4433 with any questions you may have or to schedule your consultation to have your wisdom teeth removed.