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When Is Oral Surgery Required?

When you are considering oral surgery, come talk to a top dental surgeon at Rockwall Oral Surgery to discuss your options for dental health. Oral surgery is a broad topic and treats a wide variety of defects, injuries and diseases in and around your mouth. The jaw, head and neck could also be affected by oral injuries which is why our oral surgical procedures can help restore the health and function of the anesthetics of your face and mouth. 

Types of Oral Surgery with a Top Dental Surgeon 

There are many reasons why you may need to get oral surgery, and with a consultation from Rockwall Oral Surgery we can help you figure out what that might be. A few surgeries we often perform are: 

Impacted Teeth:

Your wisdom teeth are the last to erupt and most likely to become impacted. An impacted tooth is one that doesn’t fully emerge or may not emerge at all through your gum tissue. This can cause them to become impacted because of lack of space or because the teeth are growing sideways. The teeth tend to cause severe pain and can compromise the health of surrounding teeth. Removing your wisdom teeth is the only way we can remove this issue. 

Wisdom teeth are not the only teeth that can become impacted. The maxillary canines are the second most likely to face a similar issue. We have treatments that can help these teeth come into their proper place. 

Dental Implants:

Tooth loss can affect your entire life. Even the loss of one tooth can cause you to make major changes to your diet or everyday lifestyle. We offer many replacement options; however, none are quite like dental implants. With our surgical procedure, titanium rods are implanted into your jaw and act as a tooth root. When you have healed, your crown or crowns will be secured to your rods to provide you with new permanent teeth! Your new teeth will be like natural teeth, and you will be able to go about your everyday life. 

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Facial Trauma: 

There are many forms of facial trauma. We have treated it in the form of soft tissue injuries, bone injuries and avulsed teeth. You will want to acquire with a top dental surgeon about oral and maxillofacial surgery with an extensive knowledge of makeup for structures in and around your mouth. Rockwall Oral Surgery can help heal your injuries and help provide you with the best functional outcome. 

Bone Grafting: 

Loss of bone mass in your jaw can be damaging for your oral health, and not so appealing for your overall appearance. The mass can be lost for a number of reasons, tooth loss, gum disease, injury, and others. When mass is lost, your teeth can become loose, shift throughout your mouth and even fall out. We use a bone graft to restore that lost mass. Using some of your bone mass or graft substitute, we place it in the areas that are weak. As you heal, the bone fuses to the new mass, restoring strength to your jaw. The goal is to fix your overall jaw appearance. 

Oral Pathology: 

Oral Pathology are the different types of diagnosis diseases of the mouth. For example, oral cancer. For many patients, a biopsy is needed to be done to confirm or rule out a certain diagnosis. 

For a biopsy, we will remove a small section of the oddity in your mouth for further investigation. Once a diagnosis has been made, we can move on with a treatment plan. 

Tooth Extractions: 

There are a few reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted. Some of the most common are impaction, severe gum disease, or significant damage that cannot be restored with a crown. When a top dental surgeon makes the decision that a tooth cannot be restored, it must be extracted. 

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